Tentang Aku

A Short Story About Me

My full name’s Edi Puspa, I’m usually called Edi, and at home my family call me Nang (Nunk). I was born in a kampung (read; kampoong), Kerinjing. It’s a village which is around 47 kilometers far from Palembang, a capital of South Sumatra. I have three sisters and three brothers. I am the fifth.

When I was six until twelve years old, I studied at two primary schools. In the morning I went to Sekolah Dasar Negeri 2 Kerinjing where I studied general studies then in the afternoon I went to Madrasah Ibtidaiyah YP Kerja Kerinjing, an Islamic primary school, where I learned Islamic studies. After I finished my primary schools for six years, I continued to study at the junior high school. As my primary schools I also studied at two junior high schools. In the morning I went to Sekolah Menengah Pertama Negeri Talang Balai where I studied general studies then in the afternoon I went to Madrasah Tsanawiyah YP Kerja Kerinjing, an Islamic junior highschool, where I learned Islamic studies. I studied at my junior high schools for three years.

Since I was in the six grade at my primary school I have been enthusiastic in electronic and technical field. I often opened the casing of radio, intercom, TV sets, and also bicycle to know and check what parts there’re inside. Even I also had broken a good radio so that my parents got angry.

When I had finished my primary school I had been desire to continue my study at a sekolah teknik, a junior technologic school. In fact, I continued my study at the junior high schools.

I studied at the Senior Economic High School, SMEA Negeri Kayuagung, majoring Accounting after finishing my junior high schools. My brother who worked as an accounts officer, now he is an section head of accounting in PT Semen Baturaja, Palembang, suggested me to take Accounting study because of many opportunities to work in accounting field in many companies or institutions. Otherwise at the time Indonesia was lacking of human resource in accounting field.

After finishing my senior economic high school in 1991 I took computer course. I learned DOS, WordStar, Lotus 1-2-3, and dBase IV. Then in 1992, I continue my study at the same major when I was in the senior economic high school, accounting, in Universitas IBA Palembang. While studying at my university I also took English course and computer course, such as; Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint . When I was in the third and fourth semester I took Computer Application subject. I learned one of accounting softwares, namely; DeacEasy Accounting.

In April 1994 my classmate, Jaya Adina, offered me to work in his uncle company, PT. Omatra Belantara. It’s a contractor company. I worked for the company as a computer operator. Then in May 1995 I resigned from the company because of two reasons, first; there were problems with the management so that the company was not running well, second; I couldn’t full concentrate in my study at the university.

Next in 1997 I succeeded in finishing my university in nine semesters for four and a half years with GPA 3.14. I was very excited in facing my future. I imagined that I would be an accountant in one company or government institution. for starting, at least I would be an accounts officer. mmh it’s very nice job. I applied to many companies and institutions. I prayed to the God I wished one of the companies would point me to be their employee. Unfortunately, there was no company or institution giving me a chance to work as an accounts officer or any position. Sometimes I was confused why they didn’t hire me as their employee. In fact, I was very confident that I could handle the job well. I was stressed to be a jobless person.

Suddenly, my friend, Mgs. M. Deni, came to my home and offered me an opportunity to be an computer instructor plus administration officer in a high school in Palembang, SMA Negeri Plus 17 Palembang. I enjoyed my job, but I could not stand for long time because I was just a part time teacher with the salary which was not enough to feed up my everyday life. I worked there for seven months.

Then in 1999 I moved to Batam, an industrial city. It’s near from Singapore, about twenty five minutes by ferry boat. I wished my God would help me to make my dreams come true.

Since the second day I arrived in Batam. I spread my application letter to several companies, mostly for account officer position. Many companies had interviewed me. Unfortunately I hadn’t been hired by them. I thought the big problem was I did not have any references. Finally I have been pointing by Kawitta Education & Training Centre as a computer instructor. I enjoy this job.

After four years I worked for Kawitta, I resigned. Then I join with SMP Negeri 3 Batam, a junior high school, as a computer instructor till now.

28 respons untuk ‘Tentang Aku

  1. Hi di, sue kabar? Aku dak saje tebace ceritemu. Long journey. Asek’e mpai kemaren. Sukses for all

  2. Halo Gumar. Aku bajeklah. Dak nyangke ade wang sedusun mace blog ku. Dang mikak tinggal mane? Ade alamat e-mail? Ikak alamat e-mail aku: edipuspaatgmaildotcom.

  3. oooo…….jadi sekarang diBatam?
    koq ga ketemu yac?
    aku juga pertama kebatam taon99 end mpe skarang masih setia.
    btw, dulu aku jugak suka nongkrong di smu17, biasa…….ojek-nya adek…

  4. lam kenal,aku alumni IBA fak ekonomi akuntansi angkatan 1994.skr aku begawe di persh. tambang emas dibanyuwangi.Kapan IBA reunian…salam kenal bae bt budak2 plbg yo..

  5. at nine i was read critique of pure reason by Karl and comprehensive it well, at twenty i had understanding binary code, assembly and make my very own first Kernel, and know the system nearly perfect, but i wasn’t university graduated, as well as academia thought I was incompetent and now i am homeless stuck with my dogma ,,, somehow i envy u Edy ,,u had normal live event with small brain….. as native south Sumatran and as uncle foster say with power come great responsibility,,,, do not spoil our Sumatran land with such of this blog ,,,,, as for u contemplative or meditative in philosophy “we must be ware of what we think we understand to easily, as well as of what we do not understand at all” (Voltaire, Ernest) ,,,,,,, Regard and consider “Non Addictive of Endorphin”

  6. Hiiii… Edi.. I’m from Palembang too, my mom and Dad from Talang Balai.
    but now I’m in Jakarta, I work at PT. Prathita TitianNusantara ground Handling Services one of sister company of PT. Merpati Nusantara, as Quality Service Officer. Its so great to here your story…

  7. ohh…. Mr emoth is feeling great to read your story ,,,what a nice Support Mr emoth, pleased to read it,,,, yes please,, spoil it and ruin it,,,, u people never learn…

  8. My bro didn’t u remember me
    Muhamad zulkarnain,
    from Timbangan 32, Indralaya
    Graduated 91/92 SMEAN KAG
    3 AK 1
    if you remember send me a massage
    now in Jambi


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